Sunday, June 8, 2008

Free For All! - A Must-See Election Film

I have had the privilege of working on an important documentary about our electoral process. The title of the film is "Free For All!". In it, we learn the ways in which our election system has been and continues to be vulnerable to fraud and deeply unfair tactics. It is absolutely imperative that the public awareness is raised on this issue so that we can fight to make sure that our voices are truly heard this November.

In a country that has been dominated for decades by an extreme-right agenda that creates severe social inequality and economic growth that benefits only the wealthiest 1% of Americans, we must look at the tools being used by the GOP to create popular support for their policies: the exploitation of racial and religious divisions, and the disenfranchisement of lower-income and minority voters.

Free For All! examines the intricacies of disenfranchisement, covering topics such as unnecessary and harmful voter ID requirements, voter caging, suspect electronic voting machines, misinformation and straight-up bamboozlement, and many more. Told from the perspective of a regular guy hoping to preserve our democracy and filled with deeply troubling information about the dangers we face if we are not vigilant, this film is simultaneously enjoyable, informative, unsettling, and provocative. Please allow yourself to be inspired to take action. Watch this film, and make sure all your friends do, too.

Free For All!, written, produced, and directed by John Wellington Ennis (and music composed by me), will be released on July 4. Watch the trailer here.

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